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1. Why do police officers join or create motorcycle clubs?
The field of Law Enforcement is a high stress, high danger, and mentally taxing occupation. Most officers need to find a safe outlet so that they can maintain a healthy home life. The motorcycle club is just another form of a positive release for the LEO Biker by sharing the open road with close friends and finding peace in a otherwise hectic life.

2. Why do LEO Bikers looks like bad guys?
Police officers are no different that the average citizen. Where do you think we come from. We love to decorate our bodies with tattoos and wear comfortable low maintenance clothing. We are the ones standing next to you at the concert or walking down the mall. The only time anyone ever recognizes us dressed like this is when we add a patch to our wardrobe which says who we are. Other than that, we have always been this way and have never drawn attention.

3. Why do some LEO Bikers wear a patch that is made up of three pieces which is what the 1%ers historically wear?
This is a huge question that will probably never go away. It is a question that will always haunt LEO clubs if not voiced properly.

Issues over the number of patches and trying to create a nexus with a criminal aspect is a fail sign of social evolution of the accusers whether that be fellow law enforcement or a citizen. A three piece patch is and has been for some time, the assumed format of a serious motorcycle club.

Not so long ago it was perceived that if you rode a modified motorcycle (Chopper, Bobber) you were categorized as a criminal, low-life, or a vagabond. Now, obviously it is not the case. It is a socially accepted recreation. The number of patches isn't really the issue since 1%er clubs come in one, two, and three piece formats. One should look at the actual meaning behind the patch and the conduct of the bearer to find your answer.

4. What does SWORN mean and why are only SWORN allowed in the Watchmen MC?
This is a term or title used to indicate that a police officer has taken a sacred oath of office to enforce the laws of the land and take on the burden of responsibility of the possibility of losing their lives in the process or taking someone else's. A SWORN officer has the powers of arrest. We are the ones who rescue, but only have each other to depend on for our own safety. We are the first on-scene to a front row show to Chaos and are expected to be professionals 24/7.

The Watchmen MC allows only SWORN members due to the like-minded mentality of our brotherhood. There are standards that we have and that we are held to that is not shared by every branch of our profession. Until that day comes, the Watchmen MC will only allow members who are all held to the same professional standard in order to protect this club's image and safeguard it's future.

We do, will continue, and always will support all Law Enforcement friendly clubs. Our dream is to unite all LEO clubs under one standard.